Massage for men in sai gon:

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1. Services:

Massage personnel will server at customer request: Restaurants, Resorts, Hotel, Motel.

Provide services to customers in the restaurant, cafe, Bar area...

2. Employees:

With a team of professional staffs (skilled Massage) or semi-professional, youthful good looking. (the age under 22 years-old, over 1.6m height, or looking quite fair.

Level of education from 8th grade or older, polite in communication (listening, seeing, dialogue).

Apparel to meet guests: Shirts, Jean + Shirts, Skirts, Dresses. (Not rude)

You choice employess here !

3. Price services:

* Service Pack 1( only massage at company ): 30USD/60 minutes (healthy service needs).

* Service Pack 2:( Full massae services at address customer ): From 80USD to 150USD/60 minutes - 90 minutes (from 60-90 minutes, if our duty finishes, our staffs can come back).

Employees comes, if customers are not satisfied, you can return or asking for reasonable staff without spending any added expenses.

4. Notice:

- Refund of 50% of the cost if customers are not satisfied during the services.

- Staffs will be presented after 5 - 25 minutes after receiving specific and details address provided by the customers.During process, staff suggested to asking for more money, service not enthusiastic, exchange client. Please contact Manager for improving the quality of service for the next services.

- Lions Services encourages employees to use the 2nd calling back. Customers and employees are entitled under the provisions of LIONS. If customers communicate directly with employees without the consent of the Manager, our service will not be responsible for the incident: loss of assets, employees can not be on time, .. . as well as quality of service of the staff is not guaranteed under the provisions of MASSAGE LIONS.

- LIONS absolutely offer cellphone number and customer information to employees without the consent of the customer. There are so few employees after the holiday from Lions massages service message, harassing customers.

See more info contact here or number phone 0906 945 980 . Mr. Hùng. ( You can messener ).